Mt Baldy Ski Lifts

Mount Baldy is one of my favorite spots near where we live, because it's a cute little mountain town and only a one hour drive away from Long Beach! Soo nice. We've been up a couple times for hiking, but had never taken the ski lifts to the top before. I bought a living social deal for the lifts + lunch at the lodge at the top, so one Saturday morning this past spring we decided to head up there and try it out! No dogs allowed on the lifts, so we had to leave Lily at home. We decided to do the San Antonio Falls hike before taking the lifts up, we wanted to do it before rather than after so it wouldn't be too crowded when we went. The trails fall is pretty short & not difficult, so the trail can get a little crowded. We got lucky and only ran into two other people on the trail and had the falls to ourself! It's so pretty up there in the springtime, definitely the best time to go.

Life above the clouds, not so bad.

The ride up to the lifts was great, the scenery was nice, it always feels so good to be up in the mountains. Just a heads up, depending on the time of year don't be fooled by the temperatures down in town, because it got cold and windy once we got closer to the top!! I was glad to have hoodie & leather jacket on. Also, be prepared for lodge food true to form from the Notch restaurant! We ordered the chili fries & pastrami sandwich, greasy goodness!!
As always thank you Mt Baldy for the good times away from the beach & city, can't get enough of those times. If you live in the area and haven't been up yet, I recommend giving it a visit!

Snow was scarce :(

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