10 Things.

Happy weekend! Summer is truly here in Southern California, with the temperatures getting up into the 90s finally. I have mixed feelings about it, and am already longing for winter again, especially after our recent trip to Alaska! (Where I took the photo above). But really, sometimes a nice swim in the ocean on a hot summer day is pretty great. Anyway. Here are 10 recent links I've loved:

The North Face Summer Solstice video. All of it.

Spend your money on experiences, not things, an article from Entrepreneur.

Festive Trail Mix from the ever resourceful Fresh Off the Grid blog.

75 Nice but Tiny things you can do to brighten someone’s day.

Huckberry has found the 17 Best Hot Springs in the US.

The Most Beautiful Building in Every State. My favorites were California, Connecticut and Maryland.

Photos of Fern Canyon from National Geographic. Really want to make it to this place someday.

Brass Plant Mobile DIY by Natalie Joy. I love these! And this pressed flower wall art DIY too, so many crafts.

How to travel with a group of friends. Because it can be a really good time if you do it right!

For the love of Yurts. What a cool guy!

The cutest ceramic mug from India. Ceramics are my jam.

Guide to the Grand Canyon. Too bad I just went, but saving these tips for my next trip sans dog!

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