TRAVEL: Colorado National Monument

My fourth time using my National Parks pass since buying an annual pass in November last year! Colorado National Monument, located in between Fruita and Grand Junction in Western Colorado. I had never even heard of this park until seeing another photographer post a photo from it, and was so excited to finally have a chance to go. The drive connects through to Grand Junction from Fruita if you're coming from Utah, which made for a nice little scenic detour. I got there a a couple hours before sunset on a cloudy day, the clouds made it even prettier (I'm a fan of cloudy days). We saw a herd of bighorn sheep, and a lot of beautiful rock formations. I didn't get to do any hikes since I had my dog with me, but the drive and all the scenic viewpoints are rewarding enough! If you're ever making the drive past Grand Junction, I definitely recommend taking Rim Rock Drive through the park!

The park and campground within are open year-round, the road can get icy in the winter though!
Rim Rock Drive is 23 miles long, allow for at least one hour to complete the drive.
The visitors center at the top of the park is open 9am-5pm.
Entry is $10 or free with your annual parks pass.
Dogs are allowed, but not on the trails.
19 viewpoints and 14 hiking trails.

Lily waiting for me to take photos.

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