Zion National Park

We visited Zion National Park for a friend's birthday back in November. I've decided after our visit that Fall/Early Spring are definitely the time of year to visit the park, as long as you don't mind colder weather and less crowds! We got two sites next to each other to fit our whole group at the Watchman Campground, which is just past the park entrance. I liked the location, it was full of trees which were very pretty that time of year with all their fall colors, and it's also conveniently close to the town so we could grab any forgotten groceries. The nights did get a little cold, but I stuffed my jacket at the bottom of my sleeping bag with a couple handwarmers and it worked great to keep me warm! We hiked to Observation Point, none of us wanted to deal with the overcrowded and overhyped Angel's Landing hike. The views from the top were amazing, along with all the views on our way up! I definitely recommend this hike. We got back down to the parking lot right before sunset, next time I'd want to start hiking a little earlier in the day. Zion is only around 6.5 hours away from Long Beach, making for a nice weekend getaway if you can manage it!

Distance from LA: 430 miles
Watchman Campground: 179 sites, $20 a night. Book here.
Observation Point Hike: Difficulty: Difficult. 8 miles long, 2120 ft elevation gain, takes approximately 5 hours to finish.
Food: Sol Foods Supermarket is great, and only a few minutes from the Watchman Campground. It has any groceries you'll need, plus they sell firewood! Which you'll need plenty of in the colder months. If you're wanting to eat out, Pizza Noodle has some real tasty pizza.

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