12 for 2015

Looking back on 2015. Here are 12 of my favorite images from the year, one from each month. In a little bit of denial that a new year is already upon us, but excited to be having some colder weather at long last.

January, freezing in downtown Denver.

February, Rainy days and pretty flowers in Santa Barbara.

March, Antelope Valley Poppy Fields.

April, sunset while camping in the Angeles National Forest.

May, walking around NYC.

April, overgrown hydrant near my house.

July, touching golden butts at Hearst Castle.

August, trees of Bixby Park in Long Beach.

September, visiting the Bradbury building in Los Angeles.

October, walking Andy Goldsworthy's tree line.

November, my friend's daughter drawing lines at Abalone Cove.

December, the pinkest of sunsets.

2015, you were pretty alright. Excited for what 2016 holds!

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, creative pictures! Great job! You have an eye for beauty!