10 Things

Happy weekend everyone! Here are 10 links I've enjoyed recently to send you off.

1. The perfect open faced sandwich.

2. 100-Year-Old Footage of Legendary Artists Monet, Renoir, Rodin, and Degas Working and Walking Near Their Studios.

3. A guide to Vancouver - by the photographer who made the image above ^^

4. Through the lens: Range Mag x Molly Steele. Love this LA Photog's work. 

5. 10 Amazing outdoor art installations. My favorites were the birds and the fluorescent tube lights.

7. Animals! 42 Cute pets on the Design Sponge blog.

8. David Bowie :( really enjoyed reading his Proust Questionnaire answers.

9. Reaaallly enjoy these moon paintings by Colorado based artist Stella Marie Baer.

10. 7 reasons to go to Utah for a ski vacation right now, by yours truly. Never not a good time to go to the Utah mountains though.

Photo above by Tegan Lee.

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