Apple Picking, Take Two.

Around this time last year we drove out to Oak Glen with friends to try and go apple picking and just to see what it was all about (see post here)! We'd heard about the cider donuts, so that was our first stop of course. But upon getting there and talking to the people working at the Snow Line Orchard, we found out we were too late. Apple picking had already ended for the year. We still had a good time anyways, the fall colors were gorgeous, and we left with some bags of apples we bought, thinking next year, we'll come earlier! We will pick apples!!

So this year. We came exactly one month earlier, at the beginning of October. Headed to Snow Line first, those cider donuts are amazing and the line gets too long if you don't go right in the morning! And we get there and find out apple picking is already over for the year AGAIN. We were with more friends this time, who'd never been before, so we still showed them around, went to Los Rios Ranchos and did the Nature Walk again, but I don't think we'll try to go even earlier next year, it still feels like summer in September and it doesn't feel right to go apple picking in Summer! It's supposed to be a (semi) cold weather activity!

So here is our takeaway from the apple picking experience: if you must pick apples, you need to go in August or September. If you'd rather be up in the mountains, in somewhat cooler temps, get to see fall colors, and be around less crowds, wait till late November! You can still buy bags of apples from the orchards, that are still very tasty, buy dozens of mini cider donuts, pet the animals, watch the cider press, etc. Because of course, it's always a good time in the mountains, so take what you will from this.

honey sticks for all

the girls.

the whole gang.

post-hike stretch

giant pies and strudels for sale

this guy just got this pig as a birthday present and named her freckles :)

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