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It finally seems to be somewhat cooling down in LA! That 90ยบ+ weather was really starting to wear on me (and my plants :( some of them didn't survive the heat wave). Looking forward to apple picking this weekend up in Yucaipa and going to Disneyland one last time! Our annual passes expire on Monday, and we're not renewing. Anyhow, here are ten links I've liked recently.

Would love to visit this land share property in northern california

A person you should know: Aaron Draplin

6 Fundamentals of a Creative Life

The Encounter Collection by Stephen Kenn. This video came out a year ago, but I still love it.

Funny one star yelp reviews of National Parks

Sarah Di Domenico found an old trunk in a thrift store filled with love letters and photos and decided to put it all online: A Young Man's Follies

Hope it's not too late in the year to be making this recipe for Sriracha Lime Corn Salad? Still feeling like summer here!

Really been wanting to go back to Canada, especially Newfoundland after seeing these photos on Cereal Mag

Why creating a morning routine will make you more successful.

Photo above by Aaron Durand.

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