Tom Explores LA

If you're a fan of random facts about history (hello, Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast on my daily commute, yes please), and live in Los Angeles, or just like LA and history, Tom Explores LA is something you should definitely know about. In his videos he goes out and tours the places he's talking about in each video, and while there shares their history and other interesting facts. He goes all over LA and even outside of it's borders on occasion  to show why each place was interesting then and still can be interesting now. The videos are well made and average around 6 minutes in length. I've included some favorites below, if you like them and want to see more, definitely head over to his youtube page by clicking here!

Really loved seeing all the clips from old movies filmed here in the Bronson Cave episode:

The Eldred Street video is what inspired us to go to Eldred Street on our LA Field Trip! (seen here)

& same with the LA Zoo!

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