FIELD TRIP #001: Los Angeles

Another series that we'll be featuring every now and then will be our Field Trip series, which will basically be mini guides to different places we go, as a resource for you all! We hope they inspire you. In this particular day trip, we explored around some spots in Los Angeles that we'd been wanting to see, mostly around the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods.

A couple of the spots we went to were inspired by the Tom Explores LA video series, which we definitely recommend for anyone who appreciates history and has an interest in the history of Los Angeles especially! Or if you just want to learn about random neat things in LA. I set up an itinerary that would keep us from going through the same spot twice and going places earlier on that typically get crowded as the day progressed. We headed up on a Sunday in January, so things were maybe a bit slower than they would be in summer time! You can try doing all these things in one day, or maybe just pick and choose what you want to do! This was a pretty long day, starting at 8:30am and ending around 9pm!

#1: Grand Central Market in downtown LA, for breakfast at Egg Slut. A lot can be said about this place, there is so much to see and so many restaurants to try out. We found parking easily enough a block away and got there 30 minutes after they opened for the day. There was a bit of a line, but by the time we got our food and were done eating it had quieted down a bit, as you can see in the photo below, empty seats! So our advice would be get there ~1 hour after opening, after their first morning rush.

their signature dish, the slut, is a a coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar and served with a demi baguette. Tasty!

#2: The Bradbury Building, conveniently right across the street from GCM. It's the oldest landmarked building in LA, you might recognize it from the last scene in the movie 500 Days of Summer! Ever since I saw that movie I've been wanting to go check this place out. It is so pretty on the inside! It opens to the public at 9am and you're only allowed up the first flight of steps, as the offices in the building are in use. When we were there it was right after Christmas so there are still Christmas decorations up, would love to go back and get more photos when it's not holiday decorated.

#3: Walt Disney Concert Hall. Have yet to go to a musical performance here, hopefully someday soon. For now the free tour will have to do. You can check the calendar on the website to see the tour schedule, we went to the first tour of the day on a Sunday and didn't have any problems getting in the group (it's first come first serve). Super informative & interesting, and you get access to areas that are normally not open to the public! (unless you're there for a show.) 

This now iconic building has been here since 2003 and was designed by Frank Gehry.

The carpet is...interesting. You learn the backstory of it on the tour. 

"A Rose for Lily," a fountain that Gehry designed & made out of broken pieces of Delft China, dedicated to Lillian Disney.

#3: Donut Friend. After the tour of the Disney Concert Hall it was time to refuel! We are pretty into donuts, and Donut Friend has been on our radar for a minute. Located up in Echo Park on York Boulevard. Plenty of vegan options if you need that! We couldn't help ourselves, we bought a half dozen. They were so good! My favorite was the caramel assault or the angry samoa. 

#4: Eldred Street. The steepest street in California! Most people think it's in San Francisco, or at least we did, hopefully we're not the only ones! We parked at the bottom and walked all the way to the top, up the street and the stairs! Some of the houses on that street are pretty great. 

Pretty house & plants at the very top on the street above Eldred.
The view from the top before the stairs. You can even see a snow capped peak in the distance!
#4: Marsh Park & the LA River. Tucked away off Marsh Street near Glassell Park. Nice little park with access to the LA River and the bike path that runs along it. Great little hidden gem. 

#4: The Old LA Zoo. Had heard about this area before, but the Tom Explores LA renewed my interest in going to check it out! Thanks again Tom! Located in Griffith Park, we stopped by the Trails Cafe for lunch before heading over to the Zoo. The Zoo opened in 1912 and closed in 1965, you might recognize it from the bear scenes in the movie "Anchorman." :) You can walk around in the old cages and enclosures, tons of graffiti unfortunately but still pretty great.

#5: Hollywood Forever Cemetery. We hadn't ever really walked around this cemetery before, decided to give it a look see! Loved all the peacocks and cats wandering around!

#6: Upright Citizens Brigade. UCB Sunset has a free Asssscat show every Sunday night at 7pm. The only catch is you have to get there at least an hour before to get in line for the show, especially if you don't want to watch it from the standing room area! We luckily got one of the last seats available when we were there. It was such a funny show, and made even funner with their special guest Fred Armisen helping host!! Sometimes they have secret special guests and we were lucky enough to be there when Fred was there! So great. Definitely go, & if you don't want to have to wait in a line forever go to the Asssscat show at the UCB Franklin theatre on Saturday nights for $10, or just check out one of their other shows, they usually don't disappoint! 

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