Antelope Poppy Reserve

A few months late on posting these photos, but the poppy season this year was so short most people will be waiting till next spring to see them anyways!

 The Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is located out near Lancaster, CA, 70 miles outside of Los Angeles. The peak viewing time to view the poppies is normally March through early May, but due to the drought, the peak viewing ended in late March this year :( We went just one week after the flowers peaked at the reserve, so we didn't get to see too many flowers, but we still got to see some and hiked around the loop trail anyways, it was nice to be out in the middle of nowhere. You can see for miles all around and it was just farm fields and hills, pretty great.

We drove through Palmdale and Lancaster to get there, but to get back to LA we drove past Lake Hughes and through Green Valley on San Francisquito Road, which is shorter and much more scenic, highly recommended. It costs $10 to park at the Reserve, and no dogs are allowed on the trails, so leave your dogs at home! The trails are easy to moderate, and you can check the website here to get more information during springtime on whether the blooms are peaking or not. We've also heard that Avenue K near the reserve is a good viewing area as well.

Hopefully we'll be able to go again next year & update this post with more flower-filled photos!

Photo from inside the Visitor's Center. Jane Pinheiro, mother of poppies! (in California at least.)

If it wasn't already obvious by this point we were very in love with how open and spacious it was here. No people in sight for miles! So great.

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