Alabama Hills

California is known for a variety of things like the perfect weather, amazing food, the ability to ski and swim in the ocean all in the same day, all great stuff for sure but lets not forget the glitz and glam of the film industry. It's not necessarily our favorite part about California but interesting none the less. So what is one way to pique our interest in the film industry you ask? The answer is... add a little nature to it. Introducing Alabama Hills, a perfect combination of Hollywood and the great outdoors.

We recently went on a weekend snowboarding trip to Mammoth with some friends and it turned into quite the site seeing adventure. We reserved a condo but the check-in time was kinda late so we decided to make a day of it and make a few detours along the way. We woke up at the break of dawn to beat the traffic and ensure we had plenty of time for some mini-adventures. The drive from Long Beach to Mammoth is full of scenic stops along the way, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! Needless to stay we made A LOT of stops but our favorite was the Alabama Hills Recreational Area. If you are into movies you will love this little scenic gem. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore, this area is pretty large and there are a lot of rocks to be climbed. 

So, here is some detailed information and brief history of our newly beloved Alabama Hills. It's a stop off of Highway 395, near Lone Pine, CA. It's approximately 4 hours away from Long Beach, and entry and parking are free throughout the area! The hills received their name from prospectors and minors based on the confederate warship the CSS Alabama. The hills and arches were likely created from earthquakes, volcanoes and erosion over a couple hundred million years.

We stopped at the information area on our way in, and discovered that a lot of movies had been filmed here, from old westerns to newer films like Iron Man, Gladiator, Django Unchained (seriously, how had we not heard of this area?). Perhaps the most exciting one of all for Cami was that scenes for the movie "Tremors" had been filmed here. We spent some time exploring around Face Rock first, then drove around one of the loops stopping occasionally and looking for the Tremors locations. It was definitely worth the stop along the way, highly recommend stopping to anyone ever in the area!

We would definitely return, we actually did on our way home from Mammoth since our husbands weren't in the car with us on the way there, we wanted them to see it too and also to try to look for Tremors filming locations. Still not sure if we ever found exact locations, if anyone can help us out, it'd be much appreciated for a return trip! And next time we'd for sure hike to Mobius Arch, we didn't really have enough time to during both of our quick visits.

Beautiful Sierra Nevadas in the background.

Hi from face rock!

We call this one "fetus rock."

The photos below are from our stop on our way home from was snowing up in Mammoth, and cloudy and rainy down in Alabama Hills. Quite the contrast from the 80ºF sunny day we'd experienced just two days previously.

Mysterious door in a hill.

the subaru looking good!

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