Something nice about living in Southern California is being able to go camping any time of the year. I suppose you could do that anywhere too but the weather here is more favorable for year-round camping than most places.
We decided to go check out Lake Arrowhead in the offseason, find our own place to camp since the campgrounds were closed, and just go explore a bit since neither of us had been there yet.

We didn’t do much research beforehand, just headed up the rim of the world highway till we got to the town. Lake Arrowhead is around two hours away from long beach, for those wondering. The town at Lake Arrowhead was much more populated than we were expecting. Houses everywhere and no public lake access! Not what we were expecting at all. It was already getting dark when we found a road to drive back on that we thought might’ve led to a campground or just a free camping area. The road started getting too rocky for the element so we found a place that seemed suitable to pull off on & set up our tents, grilled some dinner, & went to bed. We woke up the next day and were finally able to see our surroundings in some daylight.

In the morning, once we could actually see where we were, we found we were right by an area we'd been looking for! (I don't know if it has a name, it was near Deep Creek, it's one of those places you just have to find on your own once you're up there I guess.) We'd just taken a wrong turn along the way. We had a quick breakfast and decided to spend the day just exploring around the area where we'd camped, we found a really nice rocky area by a river and just hung out there for a bit. It felt so nice to get up in the mountains and just breathe in the fresh air and relax.

We stayed by the river for a few hours, then went back to the car and packed up and went down to the lake to get some last views in before leaving. We stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at LouEddie's Pizza on our way home (it was alright). Hopefully next time we go up, we'll be able to afford to rent kayaks or a boat or something and actually go out on the lake.

Here are some photos from our weekend adventure, hope you enjoy!

just the beginning.

clam-o taking in some of that early morning sun.

back when we had an inflatable tent (borrowed from my old work)

tree pit
awesome river spot, all to ourselves. 

pyramid rock

little succulents everywhere. desert mountains.


epic views on the way back down the mountain.

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