DIY: Hanging Planter

If you've ever seen macrame hanging planters and wished you could have one in your own home, you can! And it's easier than you'd think! We kept seeing them everywhere and wanting to make some for our plants, instead of keeping them in their boring pots from the nursery, and finally looked up a tutorial and were pleasantly surprised! We used the tutorial from the Hello There Home blog. It's super cheap & easy! This is really just the beginning, if you search for hanging planters on google or etsy, you'll find more intricately knotted or braided rope planters, or beaded planters, etc. We'll keep it simple for now. Maybe sometime soon we'll try our hand at one of the fancier planters!


This time around we decided to go with a heavier duty rope from Home Depot, one that is rot and mildew resistant, so we can hang it outside or inside. But any sort of rope will do, generally no thicker than 1/8 inch. 

Brass hook (Really any hook will do, as long as it's a big enough opening for whatever you're hanging it from! We got ours from Home Depot.)

Embroidery Floss. We stuck with one color this time, but feel free to switch it up with more colors.

Pot. We used the 4 3/4" Cashewnöt pot from Ikea, it's only $5!

Plant! We don't have a plant for this one yet, but we have a pothos and I think we'll put a spider plant in this one.


These are instructions for making an approximately three-foot long hanging planter, with a medium size pot. It might end up a bit shorter or longer, depending on your preference. 

STEP 1: Cut 4 lengths of rope, eight feet long each. Thread them through the ring at the bottom of the hook so that the rope doubles over at it's midpoint. There will be eight pieces of rope hanging down.

STEP 2: Gather all the rope together tightly and wrap the rope (near the ring on the hook) with the embroidery floss. Wrap tightly until you reach the desired length (alternate colors too if you desire!) and tie it off. We decided to take extra care and brushed superglue onto the knotted area. 

STEP 3: Hang the ring from a hook and measure down approximately 24 inches. Grasp two pieces of rope and tie using a grouped overhang knot. Repeat this step 3x more, making sure that they are even with each other.

STEP 4: Take two sets of knots and tie one piece of rope from each knot about 3-4 inches down from the first knot. Work your way around doing this same step with each set of knots. When you're done, gather all the lengths of rope together around three inches down from the second set of knots and wrap tightly with floss as you did at the top. With this step, we put the pot in the planter and measured how far down we wanted to tie it off, it might be helpful for you to do it that way too.

STEP 5: When done tying it off, put the pot in the planter and spread out the ropes so it's held securely in place. The first group of knots should be above the pot and the second group at the midpoint of the pot. You can always adjust the levels of the knots to suit the pot you're using.

STEP 6: Hang from a hook (indoors or out, depending on your rope and plant preference) and enjoy!

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