Cabin Love.

We love a good cabin in the woods! Finding unexpected or hidden little cabins or old beach shacks is pretty great. Not a lot of cabins around where we live right now, but there's some rad ones up in Mt Baldy which is only an hour away. If you ever find yourself up there, definitely go on the Icehouse Canyon hike. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of cabins you'll walk past! And there's some awesome houses up there just in general. We also drove past a lot of good ones on the drive back down the mountain from Kings Canyon NP/Sequoia, regretting not stopping for more photos.

If anyone knows of any other woodsy cabin locations in southern California, definitely pass them on to us! It would be much appreciated! For now, here are some favorite cabin photos, mostly from a really great website with a not so great name, Cabin Porn. This might turn into a regular feature. We love cabins!


SOURCES: First 9 photos: Cabin Porn, 10 & 11: A Restless Transplant, Last photo: Amanda Proudfit.

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