For a much needed weekend getaway a couple months ago we decided to escape with some friends to Little Jimmy Trail Camp in the Angeles National Forest.
We left work early to head up on a Friday afternoon, stopping at our usual gas station in La CaƱada for last minute drinks and snacks and then began our ascent up into the mountains on the Angeles Crest Highway.

We finally got to the Mt Islip parking lots after lots of curvy roads and a slight case of carsickness from Cami, parked the car and set out on the trail. After getting lost and hiking for a good twenty minutes in the wrong direction we figured out we had gone the wrong way, turned around and got on the right trail. Had we gone just a few steps up the road from the parking lot we would have seen the Little Jimmy Trailhead. So be advised! The trail is NOT the paved road across from the parking lot! 

We ended up making it to the campground just in time for sunset, which gave us amazing views, so no complaining here. There was only one other group at the campsite, it was great. Once we set up our tents we cooked dinner, ate plenty of mallows, and shared some good conversations around the fire. We took it easy the following morning, taking little naps in our hammocks after eating breakfast, playing some camping games, then took our time taking our tents down and then hiking back down to the cars. Except for that little getting lost episode, it was a perfect little quiet mini weekend getaway in the mountains, away from the noise of the city.

1.5 hours outside of LA. 41 miles up the canyon, if you want to get specific. Park at the Mt Islip parking lot on the left side of the road, display your Adventure Pass in your car (important!), walk up the road a bit to the right and you'll see the trailhead
Moderate two mile hike up to the campsite 
Bring lots of water- although apparently there is a spring if you continue up the trail past the campsite.
No cell service!
Campfires are allowed!

On the wrong trail.
Pretty views from the top (on the right trail).
Views to the east.

Waking up made easier with a nap in a hammock.
Our site.

Clammo loves the fire.

We love our bio-lite stove.
Camp breakfasts.

Heading back to the car.

Thanks for the good times! Till next time, Little Jimmy!

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