Come Down Easy

We recently attended the opening of Jay Howell's show Come Down Easy at the Slow Culture Gallery up in the Highland Park neighborhood of LA. He's been a favorite artist of mine for a while, we first discovered his art on a Lifetime Collective shirt that we bought at the Sitka store in Victoria, BC. His whimsical drawings have such a unique style and his characters are great - The Crummy Twerps and Wicked Wendy are personal favorites. He is also a co-creator of the Nickelodeon show Sanjay and Craig, and developed the characters for Bob's Burgers. Anyway. Here are some photos we took at the opening reception of the show! Hope one day we can hang a piece of Jay Howell art on our walls. I'd go for one of his dog illustrations, or the Crummy Twerps, can't get enough of them.

Cacti can be art too.

Alex and the Wicked Wendy series.

And I'll leave you with this piece I found on his website. There appears to be a major dog theme in his fellow dog lovers I think we'd be friends.

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