We had been wanting to go apple picking for a while this fall, and finally decided last weekend to drive up to the mountains to try to get some end of season apple picking in. 

Our first stop was at Snow Line Orchards, where the apple picking was done but the donut making was not! We got some mini apple cider doughnuts & apple cider (recommended) and continued up the road to Los Rios Rancho, per their suggestion. 

Unfortunately we were just a few days too late. Apple picking was over for the season. But we were still able to buy some bags of apples from their farm, and hike around in some beautiful fall colors on the Wildlands Nature Trails. It was a beautiful foggy morning, and so nice to be up in the mountains away from the city. We weren't even too mad we couldn't pick apples, it's nice enough up there just to go for a day visit. We will definitely be back next fall, earlier in the season.

little bits of heaven (we are doughnut lovers)

The cider pressing process is intense.

Embarking on the Wilderness Nature Trails.

Conifer meets California!

The most leaves.

Til next time, Oak Glen!

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